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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators

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If you are in the world of extreme athletic performance, you have likely heard about SARMs. Here, you will find out everything you need to be more informed.

Overview of SARMs

SARMs is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Initially, SARMs were created as a treatment for obesity and various muscle degenerative diseases. SARMs have a unique enhancing effect on the body, which is why many bodybuilders and Athletes have begun using SARMs.  

The most unique aspect SARMs is that they are very targeted in the way they act. SARMs bind to specific tissues like muscle and bone, but not to others, like the prostate, liver, and brain. Ultimately, SARMs provide all the benefits of improved anabolic activity, with minimal to even reversed hormonal effects.

SARMS compounds have been present for several decades, and unofficially, have a positive safety history. Currently, researchers in Europe are still exploring the potential benefits SARMs may have as medicinal therapy. 

When compared to Steroids, or prohormones, SARMs are considered to be the physiologically safer option for performance enhancing drugs. 

Although steroids may be medically prescribed to patients with muscle wasting diseases, they come with side effects. Common side effects from steroid use include acne and hair loss. 

Thankfully, the use of SARMs does not result with these adverse side effects, as they work very differently from traditional performance enhancers. As the name itself describes, SARMs bind to androgen receptors selectively, and this is the key to their efficacy. 

Athletes and bodybuilders are now choosing SARMs over traditional performance enhancers because they generate positive results without the negative draw-backs.

Types of SARMs

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) helps you pack on a significant amount of muscle in a short time frame, making Ligandrol perfect for bulking, but it’s also good for cutting.
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RAD-140 (Testolone) is very comparable to actual steroids, Testolone will help you increase strength, aggression and muscle mass.
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Ostarine (MK-2866) Will allows you maintain muscle mass during a caloric deficit making is perfect for cutting. It is also the most researched SARM.
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S4 (Andarine) very comparable to those of Testolone and Ligandrol and has demonstrated to pack on muscle and strength quite quickly.
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YK11 with limited information on this compound, is is less popular than other SARMs, but is known to be similar to RAD-140.
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GW501516 (Cardarine) is a PPAR agonist known for providing tremendous enhancement to physical strength and endurance.
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SR9009 (Stenabolic) is comparable to Cardarine and best known to to enhance both endurance and mental health.
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MK-677 (Ibutamoren) helps you build muscle, increase performance and burn fat as it mimics and even boosts growth hormone.
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what to consider
when purchasing sarms

SARMs are still considered a research chemical, and thus, the industry for SARMs is not regulated.

The result is the online sale of low-quality and even fake products. There are health considerations with this, particularly with fake products, as their ingredients are unknown and may be harmful. 

Before purchasing SARMs products online, ensure that you are buying from a known and legitimate supplier. You will want to ensure third party results are available, so that you can be confident you are buying actual SARMs

sarms vs. steroids

The typical comparison for Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) is Anabolic Androgenic Steroids.

Both SARMS and AAS allow its user to build muscle and strength quickly. A few SARMs, like Testolone and Ligandrol are known to actually mimic the effects of steroids.

BUT SARMs do not generate the same level of adverse side effects.

This does not mean that SARM compounds are 100% side effect free, you may still experience effects like suppressed hormone levels and even nausea, but when compared to AAS, the side effects are minimal!

Several SARMs users choose to stack SARMs and Steroids together, using the SARMs primarily as a kickstarter for the cycle.

Testosterone is the most commonly used anabolic steroid. While results can be fast to achieve, so are the side effects which are not limited to male pattern baldness, testicular atrophy, elevated blood pressure, steroid-induced rage or aggression, lower sperm count, liver disease, heart dysfunction and gynecomastia. There is also a high risk of addiction.

Anabolic steroids are akin to using a hammer of androgens on your system whereas SARMs are a scalpel – they are targeted and precise and avoid the collateral damage caused by a hammer. You want to drive in a nail, but not crack the wall.


At one point, Prohormones were a very popular alternative to steroids. Since that time SARMs has replace prohormones are the safer alternative.

The issue with Prohormones is that they can convert to estrogen, resulting in side negative side effects such as gynecomastia. With SARMs, this conversion does not take place, maintaining the users health throughout the cycle. 

In terms of potency and resulting effects, the SARMs and prohormones are quite comparable.


What is the
Strongest SARM?

There are various opinions as to the strongest SARM available online. Our opinion from longtime feedback from users is that RAD-140 and YK-11 are the two strongest SARMs available.

There are a lot of different opinions on which SARM is the strongest. I personally think S23, RAD-140 and perhaps YK-11 are the strongest ones for building strength and muscle.

This said, every SARM has high anabolic activity which will result in significant gains.

of SARMs

The good news here is that the side effects of SARMs are almost negligible. Some users have reported experiencing some suppression of their natural hormone production, but this is only temporarily.

Particularly with compounds like LGD-4033, MK-2866, RAD-140, S-23 and YK-11, the user will likely experience suppression. In order to negate some of these effects, it is usually recommended to have Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) on hand.

Each SARM should be looked at and studied individually prior to consumption, as side-effect reduction may be specific to the SARM the user is taking.


It is adamantly recommended to purchase SARMS from a reputable source. This will ensure you are purchasing a verified product from a real SARMs suppliers. 

A research study found that only 52% of the products actually contained SARMs

With these concerning figured, we cannot stress enough about the importance of purchasing from a reputable supplier.

Having studied multiple sources, we have found SarmsKing overall to be the best vendor of SARMs online. 

The SARMs King line products have been verified, tested, and accurately dosed. They are manufactured in the USA and distributed from Canada. Our recommendation is to use SARMs King, or a similarly reputable vendor.

our final
on sarms

Having studied multiple SARMs,
we are convinced by the evidence
of their efficacy.

We noticed muscle and strength gains, and in our studies, were not succumbed to any adverse side effects. 

This was from our studies alone, and does not mean SARMs are 100% side effect free, but is the world of performance enhancers, they stand alone that least invasive drug while still offering significant enhancing effects. 

PLEASE NOTE: there is little to no concrete information available on the long-term side effects of prolonged SARMs use. 

This said, we are proponents of the responsible and careful use of SARMs as a performance enhancing drug.