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Andarine is colloquially known as S4. It is one of the newest SARMs to reach wide appeal among bodybuilders and athletes.

Overview of s4

S4 was originally developed by GTX Inc as a treatment to prevent muscle degeneration. It is considered to be one of the most potent and effective SARMs available today and it continues to increase in popularity amongst users. 

S4 Andarine effects are most commonly compared to steroid compounds like Winstrol and Anavar because of its efficacy in building strength and muscle mass.

Like other selective androgen receptor molecules, S4 directly binds to androgen receptors, bypassing vital organ tissues that are typically negatively affected by Steroid compounds. 

S4 has anabolic properties, giving the user drastic results in building muscle mass and gaining strength.

Benefits of
using s4

Users may choose S4 over other SARM compounds because of its versatility. Although it is best known for it’s bulking effects, S4 can also be used for cutting or even recomping.

S4 is a clean compound that has not been studied to result in any bloating or water retention during a bulking cycle. During a cutting phase with a caloric deficit, you can still expect to put on strength and mass.

Some users claim S4 to be even more potent that LGD-4033, although both of their anabolic activity is similar. 

After dosing with the S4 SARM, after just 2 weeks you can expect to experience: 

  • Building Muscle
  • Gaining Strength
  • Burning Fat

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Side Effects

As is the case with essentially all SARM compounds, the effect of using S4 Andarine are very mild. Compared to using Testosterone, the effects are nearly negligible.

S4 does have anabolic effects, so it is possible to experience hormonal suppression during the cycle. It should be noted however that in all reported cases, the effects were mild and spontaneously self corrected after just 3 weeks. If this is of concern to you, considering PCT may be an avenue to consider in order to minimize the effects.

Some individuals who dosed with very high quantities, over 50ml per day, reported experiencing a yellow tinge to their vision. These effects reversed immediately after their cycle.

Where to
buy s4

As is the case with all SARMs, S4 is not a regulated substance. The compound is not however banned for sale or for consumption (it is a banned PED in most regulated professional sports leagues). As is the case with purchasing other SARM compounds online, the purchaser is recommended to buy from a reputable source with a verified history of selling legitimate products.

As such, we recommend purchasing S4 SARM from Sarms King, and the product has been verified legitimate and has a third party verification.