What you need
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YK11 is SARM compound with unique properties, helping its users increase their overall physical and mental performance.

Overview of yk11

With YK11, it’s not only about it’s anabolic activity, it’s the unique way this SARM compound affects the user’s physiology. 

YK11 has been found to activate the growth of follistatin, a protein that increases the production of new muscle cells. In addition, it will also stimulate the production of bone building proteins. YK11 has also been found to stimulate fat loss.

There is evidence that YK11 may be the strongest SARM available. The reason for this is because it only partially activates androgen receptors, causing the user’s catabolic androgenic activity to increase dramatically.

Some individuals however, have argued its categorization as a SARM because of its catabolic androgenic properties. YK11, for lack of a more precise categorization, has simply been described as a SARM. SARM compounds work directly through androgen receptors and do not exhibit selective qualities. In contrast, YK11 exhibits selective, or discriminating effects on androgen receptors.

Benefits of
using yk11

Interestingly, YK11 is also the only SARM compound found to actually act as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin, for reference, is a hormone that curbs muscle growth. This aspect of YK11 makes it incredibly effective for bulking. 

In addition, YK11 may also stimulate bone growth by interfering with a gateway that functions like DHT. This may be due to the fact that YK11 and DHT have a very similar chemical structure. 

Further evidence suggests that YK11 can also promote bone growth by interfering with a gateway that functions like DHT.

YK11 has been found to:

  • lean gain size without muscle retention
  • anabolic to androgenic ratio of 25:1
  • inhibition of myostatin levels
  • increase in follistatin levels
  • increased muscular fullness and hardness, as well as better pumps
  • by working through the androgen receptor, it is able to produce effects as powerful as testosterone
  • increase lean muscle mass
  • increased levels of fat loss
  • no side effects on reproductive organs
  • enhanced recovery
  • can be stacked with other sarms for maximum effectiveness
  • potent even at low doses

Ideal dosage
of yk11

DAILY OPTIMAL DOSE* 2mg to 5mg 1mg to 2mg
OPTIMAL CONSUMPTION* 4-6 doses a day, one before workout is essential
EFFECTS Induces muscles to produce follistatin (which is a myostatin inhibitor)
ESTROGENIC SIDE EFFECTS Might cause mild lethargy
*1ml is equal to 20mg*

Side Effects
WITh yk11

Unfortunately, there is very little clinical research that has been done on the effect of YK11. Because of this, and because it is known that YK11 works differently that other SARMs, there should be deeper consideration before using this compound. 

There has been some anecdotal suggestion that YK11 can be toxic to the liver. Hypothetically speaking, it may affect hair growth, vocal cord, prostate health and other important organs in the body because of it being chemical similar to DHT. 

In short, while YK11 is an incredibly powerful SARM, and its benefits can be very attractive to a potential user, it is important to use with care, and to not exceed recommended dosing quantities. 

Where to
buy yk11

As is the case with all SARMs, YK11 is not a regulated substance. The compound is not however banned for sale or for consumption (it is a banned PED in most regulated professional sports leagues). As is the case with purchasing other SARM compounds online, the purchaser is recommended to buy from a reputable source with a verified history of selling legitimate products. 

As such, we recommend purchasing YK11 from SARMs King, and the product has been verified legitimate and has a third party verification.